Some pieces left behind


Posted by admin | Posted in Round-Ups | Posted on 03-12-2014

Okay it practically kills me to say this, because I really am about rescuing this sort of kid folk art… but, there are occasionally pieces I find that I simply have to leave behind. Now far be it from me to judge these pieces on physical beauty… and certainly at generally under $2 each, they’re not over-priced.

But truthfully, space is limited in my tiny abode, and I find myself being very choosey when it comes to buying.  I mean, I could buy every piece, pack it carefully away in a tub, and technically claim to have rescued it. But what’s the point in that? Saving it for the day when I open a museum? No, these days I find myself leaving behind pieces that don’t speak to me the way Little Ricky did, way back when I first started collecting. Anyway, my collecting has become much more careful – dare I call it curating… so I can personally enjoy each and every piece I buy.

Here are, sadly, a few pieces I’ve recently left behind on the thrift shop shelves.

A peacock-blue coil vase, about 10 inches tall –



A small open-sided bowl about 5 inches wide… I kinda now wish I had bought this one –



A tall brown coil jug, about 8 inches tall –



And another open-sided bowl, this one about 7 inches wide –



I hate leaving handmade pieces on the shelves. Maybe I should start thinking about that museum after all!