Have some coffee, Dad


Posted by admin | Posted in Mugs & Cups | Posted on 08-03-2014

You know how you love some antiques because you shopped for them patiently and finally acquired them yourself, maybe after years of hunting… and other antiques are just a little more special – treasured just a little more – because they are family pieces, handed down through generations or simply given to you by a family member?

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This little coffee mug is one of the “family pieces” in my clay project collection. It was made in 1986 by my step-daughter, and given to her dad as a gift along with an ashtray.

The bold green design on blue glaze is really rich-looking in person. It measures about 2 inches tall and 4 inches across including the handle.

And yes, I will take a moment to apologize profusely for the hideous photo, especially the combination of the green seersucker shower curtain in the background and the shimmery purple “bed” of fabric. This photo was taken for the original Your Clay Project website, back when my merchandising aesthetics had not really evolved. So… yeah.


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