Sometimes this hobby gets a little creepy


Posted by admin | Posted in What Is It? | Posted on 25-01-2014

Okay frankly, this piece gives me the heebie-jeebies.

But the cool thing about collecting something odd and folksy is that once you tell other people you’re collecting it, they will occasionally bring you a really unique piece they’ve found for you. My mother-in-law bought this for me at a flea market near Unionville, Missouri. I initially thought this might have been something like a pie-bird, but realized quickly that it had no vent holes in it.

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After some further studying, I’ve determined it was probably intended to be a puppet head – but, the indentation in the bottom for the puppeteer’s finger isn’t deep enough to compensate for the weight of the actual head, so it ended up being a cast-off. My daughter points out that it could be used as a candle snuffer, and I agree – if only because it will scare the fire out.

This piece measures a little under 5 inches tall but has no identifying marks.

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