Starry, starry dish


Posted by admin | Posted in Pots | Posted on 08-03-2014

This cheerful little star-shaped dish is just the kind of thing I like to find at the thrift store, hidden amongst the faux-Victorian soap dishes and the “I Love You Bear-y Much” figurines. It’s not really good for anything… its small size (about 3 inches across) and the odd shape make it almost useless for storing anything – or at least, for retrieving anything out of its depths. But the soft yellow base color with cool blue, green and purple stripes… and the mulberry color inside, make it impossible to leave behind. Perhaps if Vincent Van Gogh (referenced in the title of this post) had seen this little dish, his attitude would have improved and he’d still have that ear. Which, coincidentally, might be the only thing that really fits in the starry, starry dish.


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